Tetris: the Grand Master Series (AC/ARIKA)

PLAYER: SQR(TGM/TAP/TI-Classic) / S9R(TI-World)

Mastering times are recorded at the moment when the game ends.
(They might be different from the time shown in the leaderboards.)
Awarded medal abbreviations: B=bronze, S=silver, G=gold.
Line color abbreviations: GL=green line, OL=orange line.
[±R]s denote whether I survived the staff rolls.
[±SR]s denote whether the end-rolls are entirely invisible in TI-Master.

Tetris: the Grand Master (Aug. 1998)
TGM|DEFAULT MODE GM9'07"66223,578no ACs.(2017/07/17)
Tetris: the Absolute Plus (Oct./Dec. 2000)
TAP|NORMAL 2'57"06503,967(2010/01/17)
(best rank) TAP|MASTER Gm-OL7'15"60271,376ST-S SK-G(2015/12/02)
TAP|TGM+ ALL[+R]9'01"20267,139no ACs.(2010/10/03)
TAP|T. A. DEATH Gm[+R]4'59"33151,495ST-G SK-B(2015/05/16)
TAP|DOUBLES ALL[+R]3'54"501P: SQR & 2P: SAL(2017/06/08)
Tetris: Terror-Instinct (Apr. 2005) - CLASSIC RULE
TI(C)|EASY 2'24"06H: 949(2012/08/05)
TI(C)|SAKURA ALL6'15"11100%(random piece order)(2010/12/05)
(best rank) TI(C)|MASTER MM-OL[+SR]5'42"18214,812ST-S SK-G(2016/11/23)
(fastest) TI(C)|MASTER MO-OL[+SR]5'33"16209,239ST-S SK-S(2016/05/14)
(best rank) TI(C)|SHIRASE S13-GL5'24"63276,766ST-B SK-G(2015/10/08)
Tetris: Terror-Instinct - WORLD RULE
TI(W)|EASY 2'50"86H: 784(2006/07/06)
TI(W)|SAKURA Stage EX58'38"06100%(2013/03/23)
(best rank) TI(W)|MASTER MK-OL[-SR]5'38"71224,105ST-S SK-G(2007/07/22)
(best rank) TI(W)|SHIRASES13-OL5'31"20299,479ST-S SK-G(2007/09/20)
(fastest) TI(W)|SHIRASES13-GL5'15"68305,609ST-S SK-G(2007/12/02)

Miscellaneous Records
TGM|20G MODE GM8'58"10206,364no ACs.(2014/02/11)
TGM|REVERSE MODE GM12'28"40131,181no ACs.(2012/09/08)
TGM|BIG MODE GM8'23"73676,4002 ACs.(2013/03/03)
TGM|20G+BIG MODE GM8'22"01682,3143 ACs.(2014/08/24)
TGM|one-handed DEFAULT GM9'38"56211,223right hand, no ACs.(2013/08/03)
GM10'24"76174,359left hand, no ACs.(2012/11/17)
TGM|Lowest Grade S322'03"5335,215all singles.(2011/08/04)
TAP|NORMAL + BIG MODE 3'16"25515,638no ACs.(2010/07/17)
TAP|one-handed MASTER Gm-OL8'17"38235,862right hand, ST-S SK-G(2012/09/01)
TAP|MASTER + ITEM MODE S9[+R]8'47"21191,890ST-G SK-S(2010/12/03)
TAP|MASTER + 20G+BIG MODE S2(542Lv.)6'13"03140,798AC-S ST-G CO-B(2015/01/10)
TAP|MASTER Lowest Grade S1-OL13'46"68106,978all singles, no medals.(2014/03/15)
TAP|TGM+ 20G MODE ALL[+R]9'11"31225,725no ACs.(2010/05/18)
TAP|TGM+ + ITEM MODE ALL[-R]9'59"41175,719no ACs.(2011/10/23)
TAP|one-handed T. A. DEATH Gm[-R]5'58"55163,652right hand, ST-G SK-S(2013/03/16)
TAP|T. A. DEATH Slowest Run Gm[-R]7'02"05221,299ST-G SK-G(2015/11/15)
TAP|DOUBLES solo doubles ALL[+R]4'35"58(solo doubles)(2015/10/28)
TI(C)|one-handed MASTER m5[-R]7'14"36168,132right hand, SK-S(2014/07/05)
TI(C)|BIG BLOCK m9[+R]6'50"90(2007/04/21)
TI(W)|BIG BLOCK m9[+R]7'16"33(2006/09/28)

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