BLOXEED: History of Highest Records

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National record progression

Here is the complete list of the progression of Bloxeed's verified national records for most lines in one credit. (Sorted by the ascending order of the year and month when the verified score was published in the media.)

The competition of Bloxeed had a category for most scores, but SDI-BOSTON maxed out the score (With 154 lines, Level 56, in High-Tech Land Sega Fujiidera, Osaka) in April 1990, just a month after the first score was registered in March 1990 (On Gamest: 638,380pts. by SDI-BOSTON, in High-Tech Land Sega Fujiidera, Osaka. / On Micom BASIC Magazine: 712,076pts. by AEX-ででーん!, in Kashiwa Gulliver, Chiba.).

Tab. 1: National records for most lines in one credit (For some records we could not find the Level reached in their games.)
(Legend of source: B - Micom BASIC Magazine, G - Gamest magazine, J - Japan High Score Association (JHA))
Issue (Y/M) src [diff] LINES LEVEL Player (sic. supplemented in oblique) Location
1990/03 G 226 EXCEL-SSC-VAP(幸)*1 Play City Carrot Sugamo (Tokyo)
1990/03 B [+5] 231 89 SDI-BOSTON High-Tech Land Sega Fujiidera (Osaka)
1990/04 B [+143] 374 97 EXCEL-SSC-VAP(幸)*1 Play City Carrot Sugamo (Tokyo)
1990/05 B [+18] 392 89 SDI-BOSTON High-Tech Land Sega Fujiidera (Osaka)
1990/06 G [+1] 393 祝蘭和夢子的
愛情永逮不滅 (=RAN)
Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1990/11 G [+25] 418 SDI-BOSTON Town Spot Play Land (Osaka)
1991/03 G [+7] 425 夢子ちゃん論文1席おめでとう!!のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1991/11 G [+30] 455 ISP. Big Carrot Kyoto (Kyoto)
1991/12 G [+3] 458 ひがし君製作超速連射使用のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1992/01 G [+12] 470 夢子ちゃんの次にフリッキーが好き!!のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1992/02 G [+17] 487 テトリススコア打止め時に最少ラインに並んだ!!のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1992/03 G [+6] 493 PAJ(ま)*2氏へ伝言、テトリス461ラインでカンスト!!のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1992/05 G [+1] 494 さらばテクモ!!ありがとう素晴らしい仲間たち!!のRAN Tecmo Land Musashino (Tokyo)
1992/06 G [+27] 521 50 ISP. Big Carrot Kyoto (Kyoto)
1993/04 B [+5] 526 71 夢子ちゃんICU入学おめでとう!のRAN
(player name on Gamest issue 1993/06)
Play City Carrot Nishiogi (Tokyo)
2020/11 J [+17] 543 94 SQR Game in Ebi-cen (Tokyo) | [Twitter]
2021/08 J [+24] 567 97 SQR Game in Ebi-cen (Tokyo) | [Twitter]
2022/06 J [+167] 734 99 SQR Game in Ebi-cen (Tokyo) | [Twitter]

Tab. 2: Scores submitted for the "without autofire" subcategory (after the inception of the "with autofire" subcategory)
Issue (Y/M) src [diff] LINES LEVEL Player (sic. supplemented in oblique) Location
1992/12 G 485 とても良い店!!遊びに来てね!!のRAN Moses Higashi-Koganei (Tokyo)

Author's personal best

The personal best of the author is listed below.

Tab. 3: The author's lines PB (with autofire)
Date(Y/M/D) LINES @Lv. 50 @Lv. 99 LEVEL Video clip or photo Misc.
2019/11/20 405 285 83 w/ 30 shots/sec from here
2020/01/13 [+6] 411 ? 70
2020/01/26 [+68] 479 296 459 99
2020/03/14 [+23] 502 ? 97
2020/03/22 [+67] 569 278 465 99 w/ NRS-1 (60 shots/sec) from here. New NR.
2021/01/31 [+44] 613 474 88 First ever 600+ lines.
2021/06/20 [+101] 714 490 693 99 First ever 700+ lines.
2022/05/29 [+20] 734 465 661 99 A verified record by JHA, issue June 2022
2023/04/26 [+19] 753 494 664 99

Tab. 4: The author's lines PB (without autofire)
Date(Y/M/D) LINES @Lv. 50 @Lv. 99 LEVEL Video clip or photo Misc.
2022/06/11 350 281 71 3-button operation from here.
2022/11/27 [+54] 404 308 73
2023/07/13 [+12] 416 312 79
2023/08/31 [+31] 447 302 88

On autofire systems

It was widely regarded that Bloxeed caused the popularization of customized autofire devices; once the Arcadia magazine featured the history of autofire device of the video arcade game (June 2000 issue, p. 62-). A "synchronized autofire," which receives VSYNC from the game board and switches on and off of a button with timings synchronized to the VSYNC, was a groundbreaking innovation because it enabled players to press a button at the theoretically highest possible speed of 30 times per second. Moreover, players discovered the method of alternating two sync autofire buttons (starting the first button pressed and the second button released results alternately switching a button input 1-2-1-2-...). The alternate sync autofire literally doubled the output of the Flicky power block and it could milk lots of lines effortlessly. The most notable person attributed to the Bloxeed competition might be the circuit inventor Higashi-rensha-do(ひがし連射道), who was also the coiner of the term "synchronized autofire" and acknowledged by the former record holder RAN at the GAMEST magazine. It is possible to achieve 500 lines in Bloxeed only with non-sync autofire (It was said the player ISP. hit 521 lines without sync autofire) or with only the single sync button autofire (the author managed to score 502 lines this way in March 2020). However, the ultimate speed of rapid-fire seems more effective when a player activates Satellites rather than Flicky because its shots can eliminate most of the stack even if you are on the brink of topping out that is completely overpowered.

We can purchase a variety of circuit boards enabling sync autofire nowadays, but the author is using NRS-1 autofire PCB produced by Nautilus, Ltd. and recommends it because it is easy to use without the knowledge of soldering and circuit construction. Here is the introduction to how to configure the NRS-1 board setting that suits to play Bloxeed. If you can read Japanese, the online manual of NRS-1 is available(

Having two single-fire buttons besides regular/inverted autofire buttons makes the rotation very comfortable at Level 50 and over. (To execute 270-degree spin, input the button ABA quickly.) It is possible thanks to that NRS-1 can assign a button to different button input(s). Of course, setting C inverted and D regular is okay, or you can assign A and C for single fire and B and D for autofire (when you want to avoid confusion with other Tetris variants in which button B rotation is opposite to buttons A&C.)

How to configure NRS-1

[*1] (幸) was printed as a circled kanji "幸".
[*2] (ま) was printed as a circled hiragana "ma".
[*3] Bloxeed only has three buttons, so a button assigned to D (as well as button E or F) results in disabling it. That is why you must switch the output of button D to either A, B, or C.

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